Collection care is fundamental to Cultural Heritage Institutions. But collections can contain different kinds of objects, mainly composed of diverse basic materials. All of these materials have physical and chemical properties and react specifically to changes in the ambient atmosphere surrounding them. Depending on their age, their previous history, previous and actual use, storage and other parameters these collection items may have sustained damage or can be under threat of current damaging vectors. Long-term survival can depend on taking appropriate action on short-time notice.

Collection condition assessment is a modern tool to assess the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of collections and the threats posed by different damaging vectors. Physical, chemical and biological threats are identified, the impact of human intervention is analyzed and solutions are provided. The extensive and detailed condition assessment report provides a firm basis for developing your integrated preservation policy and offers advice concerning preventive and remedial conservation. This report can be used as a tool for obtaining structural or project based subsidies from the appropriate bodies.


This is what we do:

We assess your collections condition, monitor threats, analyze risk, and provide solutions specific for your collections. Collection condition assessment is also part of our global integrated preservation management. The final report is a sound document to use when applying for funding of preventive and/or remedial conservation.

We can also train your staff to help assess the collections under our supervision.