Cultural Heritage Institutions are increasingly confronted with new challenges: changes in perception of cultural heritage, growing demands for public viewing, modern ways of exhibiting and education, budget cuts, climate change and the ever existing need to find a balance between use and preservation.

Preservation management has become an essential pillar of collection management. The growing complexity of the matter, the recent questioning of established guidelines and standards, the new insights regarding material adaptation to changes in storage and exhibition conditions, the integration of sustainability in organization and institutional building and the challenges of climate change can only be addressed by an adequate integrated preservation policy.

By necessity a new profession has emerged: preventive conservation consultant and project manager. His approach is based on collection and building risk analysis, the collection needs, the institutional mission and expected future challenges. He works in a team with other relevant parties, acting as consultant, often also as coordinator or project manager for preventive conservation projects. His goal is to achieve a realistic and workable perspective, cut to measure of the appropriate institution.


This is what we do:

We research your collections and premises, make a risk analysis of your institution, provide you with all advice you need, help you develop a practical preservation policy and take up project management where asked for. We help you plot your future and achieve your long-term goals.