Most collections are housed in buildings. The relationship between building and collection can be quite different. One possible relation is where building and collections form an integral symbiotic entity, such as a Historic House with its specific collections. Other forms are these where buildings provide permanent or temporary exhibition space, with or without local storage facilities. But buildings can also just act as mere storage rooms.

Buildings always have a personal footprint. Their location and environment, building materials, subdivision, infrastructure and amenities, their use and management provides a specific biotope that influences every living creature and collection object in its hold.

Therefore it is imperative for every institution to be aware of possible risks emanating from the premises where collections are held or exhibited. A thorough risk-analysis helps to prevent minor and major disasters, can save lives and collections and offer the basic necessary knowledge for adequate emergency management and disaster planning.


This is what we do:  

We provide you with a risk-analysis report, based on our global assessment of your own building. We provide you with specific advice, cut out to your specific situation. The resulting report can be helpful in acquiring extra funding for remediating problems or providing means for the implementation of a disaster plan.