Preventive conservation can be considered as the first line of defense against deterioration of cultural heritage collections. Protecting objects and documents is a condition sine qua non for the survival of these collections. Protection can take on many faces including boxing, conservation framing, dusting, removal to more adequate premises and so on.

These preventive conservation tasks yield the best result when embedded in a specific project aimed at the particular collection at hand. Projects have to be well thought out and well prepared. Staff has to be trained and supervised to achieve the proposed goals. Projects have to be finished within set time limits. Project assessment at the end of the project has to result in a final report.


This is what we do:

We design preventive conservation projects for your specific collections, preferably based on a prior collection assessment. We write the necessary protocols, assess the necessary infrastructure and staff, initiate the project, train your staff and provide guidance where necessary and preferably. The results are assessed at the end of the project in a final written report.


"Four-flap Boxes"