In se exhibitions are temporary presentations of cultural objects and artifacts, art objects or relevant items brought together under a common denominator and having a certain relationship between them.

Exhibitions can be short or long term events. Some are humble presentations some are showcase projects. The exhibited objects can be owned by the exhibiting institution or brought together from different places.

In museums presentations of own collections often results in a semi-permanent or permanent exhibition of objects in a quite static concept and environment.

Temporary as well as permanent exhibitions produce strain on the exhibited items, mostly vulnerable to physical, chemical and biological damage.

Exhibition conservation is dedicated to avoid or minimalize all potential damage to the exhibited items by assessing risks of transport, manipulation and exhibition and by creating an environment that is as safe as possible for the objects involved.

Exhibition conservation starts with the concept of the exhibition itself. It covers aspects such as the exhibition room, the design of the showcases, the choice of  objects, the materials used, the supports, the environment, fire and theft security, training of staff and many other aspects.


This is what we do:

We offer you a global exhibition conservation approach, right from the conception of your exhibition. We assess the risks, confer with the organizing parties and negotiate a responsible solution to possible threats. We can advise you or coordinate your exhibition project regarding all preventive conservation aspects as member of a global exhibition team.


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