With increasing demands for appropriate preservation and protection of collections, the technical complexities of building, the shifting insights about storage conditions and the challenges of sustainability and climate change, accommodating buildings to house cultural heritage collections has become a real challenge.

So many parameters have to be taken into account that renovating or putting up a new building has more than ever become teamwork, right from the planning stage on. Cultural heritage managers, very apt at running their business, often miss a thorough scientific and technical background to make their point when planning for new housing. On the other hand architects and building contractors, as experts in their field, often lack the cultural empathy necessary to achieve the best result for this specific purpose.

That is where a preventive conservation consultant steps in. As a member of the team he bridges the gaps between the cultural and the technical fields. He is the go between, the translator of cultural necessities into technical practicalities. His knowledge is preventive conservation, his background involves all kinds of cultural, scientific and technical knowledge.


This is what we do: 

As a team member we help to develop a global concept that takes into account the cultural and technical aspects of the project, balancing possibilities against limitations, to achieve the best result.