Cultural heritage is not only the domain of professionals. It has also a social dimension where it involves public interest and participation. Without this dimension cultural heritage would be dead and loose its usefulness to Humanity.

Cultural heritage is what ties us together through time and space. The public takes an active part by attending events and visiting exhibitions. Television, internet and other media bring us continuously in contact with different aspects of cultural objects.

Thematic talks are a wonderful tool to enhance public interest into different aspects of cultural heritage. Historical background, composition, design, technical structure, relation to fauna and flora and conservation are so many aspects people may be interested in. It is a fascinating way to explore knowledge on different levels.

Thematic talks do not only have a general educational effect. Institutions and organizations can use this medium to raise public awareness about its specific role and responsibility in the survival of cultural heritage.  Briefing the public on how to handle books, documents and objects when researching initiates more respect and responsibility. Information on how to care for their own private collections is a strong stimulus to attend for many people.


This is what we do:

We provide thematic talks and/or public awareness training for the general public on demand. They can be more theoretical or practical and aimed at the specific target group. Where possible we try to illustrate the topics covered by using original material.