Conservation mounting and framing is the appropriate way to mount drawings, prints and other suitable cultural heritage objects for public exhibition or private enjoyment and/or adequate storage in acid-free conservation boxes.

For conservation mounting only museum-quality papers and boards are used for mounts and backboards. These have to be lignin-free, acid-free, buffered and free of all oxidizing agents or other harmful substances.

The objects are mounted using appropriate techniques without using glue on the objects themselves. Only starch can sparingly be used for fixing T- or V-hinges on the backside of paper documents. This paste is reversible and does not harm the object in any case.

For conservation framing the use of suitable frames is necessary. These frames should not produce any off-gassing or induce deterioration. Glass used should be UV reflecting, protecting against photochemical reactions.

This is what we do:

We mount drawings, prints, maps and other graphic documents according to the strictest rules of conservation mounting. We only use first-quality materials and professionally accepted techniques.

We mount all two-dimensional objects for exhibition, storage in acid-free conservation boxes or heightened enjoyment of private collectors.